Group Needs More Hats for Kids

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EUGENE, Ore. — A local group that helps keep children warm during the winter months saw a big slowdown in donations this year.

“Caps for Kids” collects handmade hats from local knitters and gives them to places like the Mission and Headstart; it’s in need of help to make sure all the kids get a cap this year.

Dody Patterson takes up her oldest hobby, on a quiet afternoon.

“I learned to knit when I was 7 years old,” said Patterson.

That was 95 years ago; she turned 102 Monday.

“What I do is pleasure to me and it helps other people and I believe that’s why I’m kept alive, to do things for others,” said D Patterson.

The caps, every stitch knitted by Patterson, are for local kids.

“I make up my own patterns now and I hardly ever make two alike,” said Patterson.

“Over the years, since 1990, we’ve been collecting, making and distributing caps throughout Lane County,” said Mona Rummel, owner of Soft Horizons.

Rummel got Patterson started with “Caps for Kids” more than a decade ago.

“She’s just a fabulous inspiration and a great friend. I glow every time I leave her company. She’s a real inspiration,” said Rummel

Especially considering her setbacks. A few months ago, Patterson fell leaving her with a broken shoulder. She worried she wouldn’t be able to knit again.

“I showed her a different technique so she was able to begin knitting again,” said Rummel

“I have to prop my shoulder against the chair and work my hand like this. I can’t work my shoulder like I do this one when I knit,” said Patterson.

It’s a different technique and a different approach; but at 102, Patterson learned to roll with the punches life throws at her.

“I keep wondering why I’m being kept alive, why I stay alive. I have decided to quit wondering about it,” said Patterson.

For more information on Caps for Kids, call Soft Horizons


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  1. Cheryl Bunner says:

    I’m not good enough yet to make a hat but I do have some yarn if any of the knitters would like it.

  2. Margaret Brown says:

    Where can i drop hats off? I live in Salem.

  3. Verdie Hicks says:

    I have hats I would like to give. Where can I drop them off and how many more would you like

  4. Penny says:

    I live in Orlando, FL and enjoy knitting and crocheting. Please send me the instructions for knitting the caps you give away. I would love to make some hats for you.

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