Group Protests at First Avenue Shelter

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EUGENE, Ore. — A small group of protesters gathered late Thursday night outside the First Avenue Shelter.

They voiced their concerns over dogs they say were euthanasia candidates. They say the shelter was planning to kill them Thursday even though protesters claim a different group would assume responsibility for the dogs.

The protesters say First Avenue, which is run by Greenhill Humane Society, has stopped any plans to kill the dogs. The group plans to be back out there Thursday morning.

“If we had more presence from the community in here, it would help make everybody, everybody would be happier. We would have more accountability,” said one protester.

KEZI 9 News reached out to Greenhill administrators after hours to get their side of the story but was not able to reach anyone.


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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    A “small” group? You mean tiny. These malcontents have nothing better to do with their lives than whine. It would be nice if some of them could actually help the situation rather than trying to tear down something that works.

  2. Jay says:

    I certainly hope you get GHS’s side of this. The no kill folks have put out misinformation, have threatened GHS staff, volunteers, and board members. IF they are so concerned about certain dogs, why don’t they adopt them themselves?

  3. kcb says:

    Goo Job! I saw their ad on craigslist last night and am hoping the dogs that were saved will get good homes soon. I pray that greenhill will somehow figure out how to keep adoptable dogs (and cats) from getting killed. I know its impossible to find homes for every one, but maybe they can screen at intake better or do more with other rescues in the area.

  4. Curtis says:

    Every day in the United States, tens of thousands of puppies and kittens are born. Compare this to the nearly 11,000 human births each day, and it’s clear that there can never be enough homes for all these animals. Shelters are stuck with the heartrending job of dealing with animals nobody wants. Those who refuse to spay and neuter their animals, who abandon animals when they grow tired of them, and who patronize pet shops instead of adopting stray or shelter animals make euthanasia a tragic necessity.

  5. David says:

    The KEZI news at 6 PM on Thursday March 7 said a letter from Greenhill, explaining the situation, was posted on this KEZI web site.

    I can’t find that letter — where is it?

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      We just posted the article with the letter, here is the link: http://www.kezi.com/greenhill-responds-to-protests/

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