Group Raises Funds for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. — A group that wants to save Eugene’s Civic Stadium from demolition says its fundraising effort is off to a great start.

The group Friends of Civic Stadium has raised over $180,000 of its $1.2 million goal. But the Dec. 3 deadline for proposals is quickly approaching.

Eugene YMCA and Fred Meyer have already expressed interest in buying and redeveloping the property. Friends of Civic Stadium would like to see the existing grandstands preserved and the site turned into a venue for sports and other events.

“What we did was set up the escrow account so people can put funds into that. If it doesn’t happen, people get all of their money back. We’d just love to see it happen again and have the Civic Stadium give back to the people,” said Dennis Hebert, President of Friends of Civic Stadium.

The group hopes the 4J School District will give them more time to meet their fundraising goal.

The school board is meeting Tuesday night. The board might push the deadline for proposals back to mid-January.

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