Group Recycles at Oregon Country Fair

VENETA, Ore. — An annual pilgrimage will be made to Veneta for the Oregon Country Fair this Friday.

Thousands will attend the 44th annual celebration, and each is reminded to pack out what they pack in.

The country fair organizers know not everyone will be able to haul out all their own trash. That’s where a group of volunteers get involved. They’re 135 strong, volunteering six or seven days to eliminate the fair’s footprint.

Cans, bottles, water bottles are all collected from recycle stations throughout the fair. They’re brought to a hub where they are hand sorted, boxed, and trucked away.

“It’s what makes this place so unique and great, that people really do work together and try to work to the common goal of respecting our land and making this world a better place,” said Amy Head, Recycling Coordinator.

Last year the group returned $132,000 refundable containers.

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