Group to Archive Redwoods, Sequoias

PORT ORFORD, Ore. — A Michigan organization is attempting to archive ancient redwoods and giant sequoias, just south of Port Orford on the Oregon coast.

The organization is looking at eventually cloning the species in multiple locations, starting with the southern Oregon land as a test drive.

It would be a first archiving of its kind, considering most trees that are cloned are only around 100 years old, where as these trees would be thousands of years old.

“I’m interested in seeing how successful they are in propagating these very old trees, doing this at ages that maybe haven’t been done before,” said Glenn Howe, forest geneticist and OSU professor. “Secondarily, from a gene conservation standpoint, we’re interested in capturing not just one, or a few trees, but many trees from a species. So not only is there success with a particular tree, but also how well that success translates for a large number of trees, which would be necessary to capture the genetic diversity of a species in the long term.”

The organization, called Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, hopes the ancient redwoods and giant sequoias might assist in defending against climate change.

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  1. jason marks says:

    the redwood forest is amazing. if you haven’t been to “tree’s of mystery”, put it on your list to do.

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