Groups Combating Youth Gang Violence

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local organizations are coming together to address the issue of youth gangs in the area.

They’re holding a symposium to educate and speak with the public. The symposium will be held just after the new year, so organizers are working to get the word out in order get the community in on the whole process.

The symposium is a collective effort between several groups, including the City of Eugene, local law enforcement and the Juvenile Justice Center. Organizers say they have done a lot of preliminary work, such as a small scale community gang assessment, but they say the involvement of the community is key if they hope to achieve any success in fighting this battle.

“This is an opportunity for us to work together and look at this question, to continue gathering information, and getting an accurate assessment. We are not coming to the community with answers,” said John Aarons, Juvenile Justice Center Assistant Manager.

It will be held at lane community college on Jan. 12. The event is free. If you want to attend, you must register by Jan. 9.

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