Groups Fight Crater Lake Timber Sale

EUGENE, Ore. — Several environmental groups are pushing to save forest land right on the edge of Crater Lake National Park.

Environment Oregon representatives started their day in Portland and made their way through Eugene on their way to Medford to deliver public petitions opposing proposed clear-cuts on the edge of Crater Lake.

The groups already delivered thousands of public comments to the forest service. But Wednesday, they took 10,000 more signed postcards and notes from citizens asking federal land managers to decline the Bybee timber sale.

“This is going to effectively clear-cut old growth right on the edge of Crater Lake National Park, and whatever their reasons it’s pretty clear that this is something that we’re going to have to stop,” said Charlie Fisher, Environment Oregon member.

“Crater Lake is such a special place. There are many areas that deserve protection right around the park, and we think timber sales like this should just be put to bed,” said Doug Heiken, Oregon Wild member.

What the organizations hope to do is get Congress to declare Crater Lake’s surrounding forests as a protected wilderness area.

The forest service wanted to highlight that this is still just a proposal and noted that the land in the Bybee sale is matrix land. That means it’s identified as land that can be allocated for harvesting.

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  1. jason marks says:

    chop it down already.

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