Groups Hold Gun Violence Discussion

EUGENE, Ore. — What do you think should be done about gun violence? Thursday night is your chance to offer your solutions.

The event is being hosted by the Democratic Party of Lane County, The Mother PAC–an organization that provides family support throughout Oregon–and the Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC).

They say this issue is one that communities all over have had to deal with for ages, especially lately, and it’s high time we got a real conversation going here in town.

“I just couldn’t stop crying after the events at Sandy Hook in Connecticut,” said Rose Wilde, event organizer.

The mass shooting there was just one of several shootings across the nation over the last year, and it was one that really got event organizer Wilde motivated to do something.

“Being the mother of a young child, that just monstrosity that happened, I just felt compelled to act,” Wilde said.

Wilde says the community is long overdue for a discussion.

“It’s an issue that hasn’t been talked about lately. I think the recent events really touched me and a lot of people and I thought it was time for me to take action on the violence that is happening in our society,” Wilde said.

The Democratic Party of Lane County is co-hosting the event, but organizers say this isn’t about political gains.

“We didn’t come into planning this event with a set agenda about what are the solutions we want to see. It’s a chance for people to talk about what they want to see in the community or what are the things community members themselves can do to effect change in this way,” said Julie Fahey, DPLC Chair.

They also say it’s not just about firearm regulation.

“I think [gun control] is a multi-faceted solution. I think gun regulation is something people feel is a part of the answer, but mental health services, what are the things our schools can be doing. Those are also a part of the answer,” Fahey said.

In the end, coordinators hope that each participant can walk away with a stronger understanding of the issue and hopefully a stronger peace of mind.

“There are a lot of ways that parents can’t control what happens to their kids, but I hope at least indirectly this helps makes his world more peaceful and safer and that he’s surrounded by people who are safer too,” Wilde said.

There will be a panel of speakers present, including Senator Floyd Prozanski and Mayor Kitty Piercy.

The event is free and organizers say everyone is welcome to come and take part in this discussion. It will be held at First Christian Church on Oak Street at 6:30 p.m.


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  1. don jones says:

    can’t take away my second amendment rights.

    not everyone thinks like you do.

    And yes , of course the shooting was a great tragedy.

    I didn’t do it however, and don’t expect to pay the consequences for that.

  2. jake says:

    I’ll go and give my 2 cents in on this by telling them why they shouldn’t take my guns away, and I think anyone else who is serious about protecting their rights should to.

  3. David Nelson says:

    They need to concentrate More on Mental Illness than the guns.

    Also they keep bringing up the evil Assault weapon in deaths across America. Well look at the figures. I do not have them available but the Big Number in gun deaths is Suicide. How many us an assault rifle to do that. The Number is greater than 80 of gun deaths are Suicide.

  4. Postone says:

    Its not about “gun” violence. Its about “violence” period! If there were no guns people would still kill and they would do it with any means possible! Its simply amazing to me how stupid some people are!

  5. KPB says:

    You dem’s are really jumping on the ban wagon. Are you folks so stupid that you really don’t know what the problem is. First guns don’t kill, put it on a table and see if shoots someone. Second it’s the criminals (bad people), Druggies and psycho’s that kill. Solution keep the bad people locked up and make sure you have proper budget to do it. Second solution keep the psycho’s where they monitored everyday and no guns are where they are living. Get rid of the icing (top down jobs and pensions) so you can afford taking care of the idiots. Get some jobs in this state, quit being so chewiest of who you let in to create jobs. More jobs more revenue.


  6. Dan Hibbs says:

    I don’t understand why people think that making more laws will stop criminals, who by definition have no regard for the laws. Why on earth would they follow new laws if they didn’t follow the old ones? The only people who will suffer from firearm regulations are law-abiding citizens.

    Banning modern sporting rifles is one of the most pointless thing’s I can imagine. Does anyone really think that if Adam Lanza didn’t have access to an AR15 he would have just said “Man, I really feel like shooting a bunch of innocent kids today. I have a couple of handguns and a shotgun, it’s just too darn bad that I don’t have a semi-automatic rifle. Oh well, I guess I’ll just stay home and watch TV instead.” VP Biden recently said “It is true that the vast majority of gun deaths in America are not the consequence of the use of an ‘assault weapon’. But that begs the question of whether assault weapons have any real utility either in terms of any sporting or self protection needs”. To be clear on this, according to him, if AR15’s aren’t being used to commit crimes, then they have no apparent purpose.

    The proposed ban on high-capacity magazines is equally pointless. When Eric Harris participated in the shooting at Columbine HS in 1999 (during the previous “Assault Weapons” ban), he fired a 9mm Carbine 96 times. Although he only had 10 round magazines, he made sure to bring 13 of them. Having a restriction on magazine capacity made no difference.

    If a criminal wants to commit a crime, he will find a way. Punishing law-abiding citizens for the acts of a few mentally disturbed individuals is not the answer.

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