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EUGENE, Ore. — Ten days ago, Lane County Deputy Drew Wattier and his wife. Michelle, were involved in a hit-and-run crash outside their hotel in Mexico. While they’re recovering, there is a lot left to do.

The Wattiers’ friends and family say the past 10 days have been long, but they have to remember that this is only the beginning of a very complicated road ahead for both Drew, Michelle and their loved ones.

Drew and Michelle Wattier both work right around the corner from Full City Coffee. Baristas say the couple and their co-workers frequent the downtown cafe often and there was even more traffic Monday as the coffee shop joined in raising money for the recovering couple.

“We’ve had many many people come in today, who we see from time to time, but made a special effort of coming down today to show their support for these guys,” said Michael Phinney, Full City Owner.

And that seems to be the case, not only at Full City, but at CourtSports last week, International Fitness and Track Town Pizza coming up, even Ninkasi.

The Eugene Emeralds are pitching in by selling special ticket packages and donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Wattiers’ medical fund.

Who knows if it’s Drew’s work with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office or the couple’s signature sweet nature, but the community has confirmed these two are loved and they won’t go through this alone.

“I just think that they’re the type of people that bring a response from other people. They care about people, they’re very active in the community, and seeing the community step up and, even if they don’t know them, say I’m going down to Full City today, that’s a big deal,” said Cybelle White, a friend of the Wattiers.

White says the struggle isn’t just to garner this original support, but to keep it coming as the couple faces a very uncertain future.

“We have no idea. There’s no way to know with these kinds of injuries how long, what we’re preparing for, what the family is going to be dealing with. It’s a lot of damage, and they have a long long road ahead of them,” White said.

Doctors say Michelle and Drew are currently in critical but stable condition at UC San Diego. They’re both still sedated and scheduled for multiple more surgeries.

Here is a list of fundraisers you can take part in and ways you can help:

Team Wattier Website

Drew and Michelle Facebook Page


12/11: Eugene Emeralds Wattier Ticket Packages

12/13: Track Town Pizza Fundraiser

12/19: Papa’s Pizza (All Eugene locations)

More fundraisers are in the works. Check the Facebook page link above for the most up-to-date information.


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  1. Postone says:

    I wonder if we would do the same for a homeless couple who say were injured terribly in Eugene, Oregon?

    Only God knows I guess…

    1. Fis says:

      @ postone, I guess the answer would depend on how many lives the homeless couple touched. It would then also be dependent on whether those touched lives would be willing to go out into the community and create events on the couple’s behalf. I can speak proudly stating that these two individuals have touched my life personally and based on the response of the community have obviously had a similar effect on many others. I don’t think you are quite in touch with what is really happening here. I think I understand your comment but find it to be lacking in understanding and compassion. I would like to think any community would do something similar but that would simply be nieve. These two, Drew and Michelle, asked for none of this and I think it’s absolutely amazing what is happening. So many of us are hopeful for their recovery.

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