Groups Raise Money for Typhoon Victims

EUGENE, Ore. — Though it happened more than 6,000 miles away, Typhoon Haiyan hits home for many.

“Most of the people that were affected, sadly, are the poorest of the poor. You know they’re the ones with the cardboard boxes for their houses, as well as wood or whatever they could scavenge,” said Marvy del Rosario Schuman, Asian Council President.

Schuman grew up in the Philippines and now serves as president of the Eugene and Springfield Asian Council. She says the group is working with the Filipino American Association of Lane County to focus on local relief efforts. They held a meeting Tuesday night to determine what they should do with the incoming donations.

And they’re not alone. Local churches are also getting in on the efforts. Pastor Wilfredo Cal is working with Crossfire Ministries in Springfield. From the Philippines, he had no idea such a catastrophe was hitting his homeland when he boarded the plane here.

“It’s really in bad shape right now. And I am so concerned about it I would really like to go help the people that are affected, but I am still here,” Cal said.

So he is working with the church to gather monetary donations to send and take back directly to those in need. And while there are many organizations in town trying to figure things out, some individuals are even just taking it on their own.

“I decided I have to do something. I can’t watch CNN every morning and not do anything, and so we decided to have a community potluck so people can gather,” said Eugene resident Melissa Nolledo.

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