Growlers Bill Clears Oregon House

EUGENE, Ore. — Wine lovers might soon be able take some of their favorite wines and cider home in growlers.

On Thursday the Oregon House of Representative approved a bill that would allow people to fill up the containers at stores and restaurants. It still has to pass the Senate, but for the most part the bill is widely accepted.

Right now you can only fill up the growlers at wineries, but this new bill opens it up to stores taverns and restaurants.

The Broadway Merchants owner in Eugene says he sees this bill having a positive impact on the environment because it has the potential for less bottles in use. The driving force behind the kegs is less packaging.

If approved, buyers would be able to purchase up to two gallons and fill them directly at the stores. It will take a commitment though from those places to buy a particular wine, which will likely have to be the house wine.

“It will take a little for people to get their mind wrapped around wanting to do that. The beer culture is totally good with that already, you know. Draft beer is such a big thing, but draft wine is still new,” said Angus James, Broadway Wine Merchants Owner.

He says it will probably be good for people having larger parties.

And while the wineries can already pour in growlers, some think this will create more of a discussion around the growlers and make it fun for people to take a drive out and visit them.

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  1. Sarah says:

    How cool is that! Leave it to the Broadway and Angus James to be all over this. Can’t wait!

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