Gun Safety Classes Filling Up Fast

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Concealed carry license applications in Lane County are rapidly increasing, but some of those people may have to wait until spring until they actually get approved.

Local firing ranges have been really busy lately accommodating all the people trying to get their gun permits.

Oregon law requires you pass a gun safety class before you actually get your license to carry a concealed weapon. But with a record number of applicants lately, those classes are getting booked quicker than ever.

“The classes are filled up through April,” said John Umenhofer.

The Lane County Sheriff’s Office says in 2012 it saw 700 more applications than in 2011.

In December alone, 330 people applied for a permit. But before they can legally carry, they need to educate themselves.

“There’s a lot of people. I think the concern for personal safety has really gone up,” Umenhofer said.

He says the class is a crucial part of gun ownership, and applicants need to know the responsibility of owning a gun.

“Our classes go from seven to eight hours so we’re really committed to giving as much information as we can,” Umenhofer said.

He says he wouldn’t mind if more classes in the area would follow his lead and provide a more thorough education. For him, there’s simply a lot people who need to know if they really want to carry a firearm.

0:16 safety instructors say there’s no easy fix to the issue of gun safety but it all starts with proper education.


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  1. jason marks says:

    If you have gun experience and don’t need live fire exercises, you can use this website.

    I previously had a CWP and had it revoked during a divorce, But I did the class online and printed the certificate and turned it in and presto….. a week later, my permit arrived in the mail

    Apparently there is a new sheriff in town now….

    BTW I live in Linn County, NOT Lame County. My original carry was from Lane however.

    I didn’t want to sit thru the classes again, so for me, this was perfect. It might not be for you however. I don’t recommend this class if you have no gun experience. You need live fire practice. Matter of fact, if you haven’t handled a gun before, even taking the class is not enough. Get your gun, go practice at a range for a year or so then get your permit.


  2. jason marks says:

    concealedcarryonline .com

    you can get a certificate there, if you have previous gun experience.
    The state doesn’t mandate live fire, so if you are experienced, this will get you the paper work needed to carry. guaranteed, I used it.

  3. Ron says:

    Unfortunately most CCW dont have a clue where the trigger is, have never shot a weapon, cant take apart and put back together and probably dont know which end to point down range.
    They will kill more than the perp they are trying to protect themselves from.

  4. Dan Hibbs says:

    LCC offers a Handguns & Personal Safety course that is very extensive. It not only covers firearms function, including both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, but also covers safety in the home, and legalities of defensive firearm use. It’s 30-36 hours over roughly three months, and a good portion of that time is spent at the range with live ammunition. This class satisfies the requirements to obtain a Concealed Handgun License in Oregon and Utah (Utah CHL permit is also valid in WA, ID, and 14 other states).

    It does cost substantially more than a typical CCW class, but you learn a LOT more valuable information and also get plenty of hands-on experience. The course will also earn 1 PE credit.

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