Gun Show Draws Record Crowd

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Collectors West Gun and Knife Show drew in a record-breaking crowd Saturday, according to organizers. Gun buyers and sellers from all over the region attended the weekend event at the Lane Events Center. Some people at the show Saturday didn’t go for the guns, but instead went to look at knives and swords.

Organizers told KEZI 9 News the media were not allowed inside, but said the show brought in record-breaking numbers. Event goers said they think the show was so crowded because many people fear tightening gun laws.

“Because of the rules that are coming out, everybody’s trying to buy what they think they need and they’re charging more because they think the people need them,” said local gun owner Larry Tjomsland.

Since so many people are concerned about tighter laws, prices at the show also increased. Tjomsland said he thinks most guns cost about $100 more now than they used to.

Since we weren’t allowed inside, it’s hard to say how many people went to the event. But, judging by the packed parking lot the show was definitely busy. Attendees estimated anywhere between 300-600 people were inside the show at one point.

Although many leaders in Washington are pushing for tighter regulations, people at this show said they don’t think that’s necessary.

“I just think the world would be a lot safer if everyone was allowed to carry one,” said Jody Crowson.

Loaded guns were not allowed in the show, so workers checked all the guns coming in to make sure they were not loaded.

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  1. Steve says:

    All of those people there with guns and nobody got shot. Just amazing! Are Gov thinks that’s not possible.

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