Gunman Killed in Georgia Courthouse Plot

ga-courthouse-shootingCumming, Ga. (CNN) — Federal and local law enforcement in Georgia searched the house of a man Friday that authorities say intended to swarm a courthouse and take hostages.

Dennis Marx was shot and killed in a shootout with sheriff’s deputies and a swat team in the town of Cumming. A deputy was wounded in the exchange and authorities credit him with stopping the gunman before he could get inside.

“He had several hand grenades, explosive hand grenades on his body,” said Duane Piper, Forsyth County Sheriff.

The sheriff said Marx also had smoke grenades, tear gas grenades, and several more explosive devices in his vehicle.

“He also had flex cuffs ready to apply to people.  He had water supply, and he had all kinds of ammunition,” said Sheriff Piper.

Marx was due to attend a hearing at the courthouse, where investigators said he was expected to enter a plea on a drug-related charge.

No word yet on what exactly caused Marx to launch the assault.

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