Gunman Pleads Guilty to Shooting 2 Cops

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CORVALLIS, Ore.– A gunman has pleaded guilty in the shooting of two law enforcement officers in Albany last August. Demecio Cardenas, Jr. pleaded guilty to several charges, including attempted aggravated murder and assault.

Cardenas shot and injured Benton County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Peterson and Salem police Corporal Andrew Connolly. Peterson recalls the night of he was shot.

“Right after I got shot, I fell to the ground and I knew immediately I got shot…It’s weird to think about, but I thought I was shot in the leg and it really wasn’t that bad,” said Peterson.

It was much worse. Peterson was shot three times; twice in the leg, once in the stomach. On Tuesday, Cardenas pleaded guilty to the shooting. Peterson attended the hearing and is pleased with his shooter’s plea. He spent most of last summer hospitalized and in physical therapy. Now that the case won’t be going to trial, he can get back to focusing on making a full recovery.

“I have one thing left, a blood clot leftover from first surgery,” said Peterson.

He says, while the shooting has changed him, it hasn’t changed his mind about returning to patrol duty.

“I cant wait to get back. I miss the people that I work with most of all,” said Peterson.

Peterson is working full time now but he’ll need to fully heal before he can return to patrol duty. Cardenas will be sentenced on July 10.

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  1. jason marks says:

    and now he might wear a vest.
    no one is immortal.
    woudn”t have helped your leg of course…

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