Gynecologist Testifies in Swartout Trial

January 25, 2012

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — Jurors on the Angelica Swartout murder trial toured the alleged crime scene Wednesday morning.

Swartout is charged with killing her newborn and dumping him in a dumpster in 2010.

Jurors took a bus to the Crossland Motel in Springfield to view the reception area where Swartout worked.

They also got a look at the bathroom where the alleged murder took place.

Springfield Police Sgt. David Lewis started testimony off Wednesday morning.

Local Gynecologist Dr. Melissa Edwards testified that she examined Swartout about two weeks ago at the Lane County Jail.

She says she was asked to look for physical signs that would show if Swartout had or had not given birth to a baby.

“There were certain findings that I couldn’t make consistent with not delivering a baby before. I can’t tell you precisely the size of the baby. I can’t tell you the whether the baby was born alive, but I have more evidence to support a baby was born,” Dr. Edwards said.

Doctor Edwards testified that medical records filled out by Swartout indicate she was pregnant two other times in the past and suffered two miscarriages.

She also testified that false negative pregnancy tests are not uncommon.

Jurors will be back again in the morning.

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