Habitat For Humanity Breaks Ground

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EUGENE, Ore. — Habitat for Humanity is breaking the ground on its 51st home in the Eugene-Springfield area. Albert Millard and his daughter will move into the home once construction is complete.

Saturday morning around 50 people gathered for a ceremonial groundbreaking. It included Millard’s family and friends and volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. Anyone interested in getting a home through Habitat for Humanity must put in at least 400 hours of volunteer work before they can move in. So far Millard’s pitched in to help build three homes on the block where he will live and will spend the next few months building his home.

“Things of this nature just don’t happen to everybody everyday. I’m very fortunate it has worked out for me,” said Mallard.

Volunteers from local churches will spend three days a week constructing the home.

They expect construction to be complete, and the Millards to move into the house by Thanksgiving.

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