Halloween Deadliest Day for Pedestrians

EUGENE, Ore. — Halloween is Wednesday–a day that’s supposed to be fun.

Oregon State Police, though, say this is historically the most deadly day for pedestrians. OSP says 41 percent of last year’s highway fatalities across the country happened on Halloween night.

So in addition to bright clothes and a flashlight, troopers ask you bring along your common sense.

Local Halloween vets say their best Halloween spots are also what they consider some of the safest–neighborhoods with lots of houses, close together, on streets that are well lit. And the kids probably won’t mind if you happen to hit the ones with the king-size candy bars.

Or if you’re looking to stay dry, Gateway and Valley River Center Malls are both hosting trick-or-treating, too.

It should be pretty wet through most of the night, so an umbrella is probably a good thing to throw in the treat bag, too.

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