Happy Mother’s Day

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My cup runneth over.  My heart is filled with joy.  This is the best Mother’s Day ever thanks to my son’s amazing Pre-K teacher, a mother herself.

She knows how a homemade card can brighten a mother’s day.  On Friday I was invited to my son’s school for a Mother’s Day lunch — my first official mother/son event.  All the mothers showed up and we were showered with love.  We each received a card with a tea cup on the front and “I Love You” written on the tea bags. I opened the card to find tiny painted thumbprints which formed a beautiful flower.  To top that,  the children served us lunch and performed a song and dance.  We were also presented with portraits made by our children — handmade with so much love.

As moms we don’t ask for money for our services, BUT if we were to get paid, the truth is, we would make a lot money –how about $62,985?

According to Insure.com’s Mother’s Day salary index our annual salary is up by about  $3,100 from 2013.

Let’s break down the price of our various duties.securedownload-1

  1. Cooking and cleaning – $12,230
  2. Child care – $21,736
  3. Homework help – $7,290
  4. Chauffeur $5,672
  5. Shopping, yard work, party and activity planning, finances – $15,019
  6. Finding out what the kids are up to – $1,036

Paycheck or homemade card — which one is of greater value?  I’ll take the card any day.

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