Harrisburg Schools Shut Down Due to Mold

HARRISBURG, Ore. — Thursday was another lost day of learning for students in the Harrisburg School District, but this time it wasn’t because of the weather.

The discovery of mold at the elementary school is behind the closure this time. The mold was discovered at Harrisburg Elementary School while trying to fix a broken water pipe.

As soon as they realized what was going on, school officials called for help. Crews were out there all day with machines drying out the damage, and administrators say that’s just the beginning of the work to come.

“We became aware of a broken water pipe in the attic space above our elementary school cafeteria…as we began to work on restoring the building and removing the water, mold issues became apparent,” said Brian Wolf, District Superintendent.

Because that kitchen area services all the kids in the district, district administrators said they had no choice but to shut down.

“Rather than have any risk at all to their health and safety, cancel school for today and reschedule for sometime hopefully in the spring,” Wolf said.

While some of the kids didn’t seem too broken up about it, parents had their concerns.

“Is it going to be an extended school year? Or are they going to get extra homework to bring home. I don’t know if they’re losing education and other kids are gaining in other schools for being out for so long,” said parent Crystal King.

The district says they’re working on it.

“We understand that it’s difficult. We regret that these additional measures are necessary, but we are doing whatever we can to make sure things are restored wholly as quickly as possible,” Wolf said. “We are confident that we can make up the time that we need to make up for the loss of school days last week and today as well.”

The district says it is working as fast as it can, but it’s not just the mold that has to be taken care of. The broken pipe still has to be replaced, along with sheet rock that is being torn out. So at this point in time they do not yet have any idea when things will be clear and ready to use again.

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