Harrisburg Students Learn About Weather

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HARRISBURG, Ore. —¬†While the fog was thick in Harrisburg on Wednesday it didn’t stop the students at Harrisburg Elementary School from learning how to make fog right in their classroom.

Meteorologist Melissa Frey spent the morning with the second graders in Mrs. Grassman, Tucker and Jackson’s classes teaching them how to forecast the weather.

For many of them this was their second year learning from Melissa so they were able to hop right into the more complex weather topics and even do a few weather experiments. They learned the basics of how the atmosphere works by making cold water sink and hot water rise and they even made some fog of their own.

The students were great scientists and very inquisitive. They are well on their way to becoming future meteorologists.

If you have a weather question you’ve always wanted to ask or if you want one of the meteorologists on the Stormtracker 9 Weather team to visit your school, let us know on the classroom section of the weather page of KEZI.com here.

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