Hatchet Robbery Suspect Sentenced

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — A jury found a man guilty of robbing a Springfield deli with a hatchet.

A judge sentenced the robbery suspect to more than seven years in prison yesterday, but we’re getting our first look at the crime.

Daniel Gehrig says he was at Ashley’s Deli in December when all of sudden he saw Sidney Queener come in wielding a hatchet, screaming, “Give me all your money!” He could see the employee looked very scared, so he sprang into action.

In the surveillance footage, you see the employee open up the cash drawer, put up his hands up, and Queener kind of pushes the employee. Then from behind Gehrig tackles Queener. Gehrig then keeps Queener pinned on the ground until officers arrive.

“Fortunately before it got into something worse, I thought I would stop before it did get worse. They could have either went either way where he was hurting somebody, killed somebody, or hurt himself,” Gehrig said.

The good Samaritan testified at Queener’s trial this week.

After five minutes of deliberation, jurors found him guilty of armed robbery with a seven-and-a-half year sentence.

Gehrig says he doesn’t wish Queener any ill will. He just hopes the robber serves his time and makes something better of himself.

Gehrig says he sees the Ashley’s Deli employee sometimes and he is very thankful for his help.

Ashley’s Deli did not want to comment on the sentencing.

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