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Justin’s Monday Night Forecast Discussion: 

Stubborn valley fog kept folks along the I-5 cloudy all day but we still got into the mid 60s and dry. Tonight, expect more fog (or more of it, if you were already in it) and that should keep overnight lows well above the 39 we should be at, in the low 50s.

Election Day stays dry and we should see the morning fog break up as winds start to pick up. While tomorrow will again be mild in the low to mid 60s, it’s the last we’ll see of those temperatures for the rest of the week. A cold front tomorrow night starts the cooler air train that’ll stick into the weekend. Wednesday will see widely scattered showers and sun breaks, but highs will be much cooler, in the mid to low 50s. Even cooler air will be in place for Thursday, I’m expecting highs to struggle to get back to 50. With the low moving through on Thursday, the cold, unstable air aloft should provide a nice trigger for thunderstorms, especially if we see some sun breaks. Chilly overnights as well, dipping into the mid to low 30s.

As you might guess, snow levels will be falling quickly, down to 5000 feet on Wednesday, 2500 feet to near 2000 feet by Thursday and Friday. Passes will see a couple of inches midweek, maybe near a foot by the weekend. Be ready for some slick driving conditions by then. Ski resorts to get a nice four day stretch with some heavy snow showers at times.

The weekend quiets down a bit, Saturday should see the rain showers end for the day, highs bumping back into the low to mid 50s. But there’s more rain coming Sunday night and Monday.

Have a great Tuesday!

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton

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  1. Trish Hammock says:

    Is it going to snow in Dallas Oregon and is it a very bad storm at the coast

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