Health Officials Worried About New Drug

25ILANE COUNTY, Ore. — A dangerous synthetic drug gaining popularity among teens has Lane County health officials concerned.

Two Washington County girls recently ended up in the hospital after taking a hallucinogenic drug called 25I. It’s been linked to several overdoses, some of them fatal since 2010.

Lane County Public Health says the numbers may not be high, but they’re accumulating and it’s likely some cases haven’t been reported since this is a fairly new drug that authorities know very little about.

Public Health Officer Dr. Patrick Luedtke says, “We can no more predict what this drug will do than some of the other designer drugs that have swept across the nation and killed people. People are being a guinea pig and it’s unfortunate.”

25I comes in a few different forms and is very popular in synthetic papers. They almost look like a book of stamps.

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