Healthy Snacks Come to Amazon Pool

EUGENE, Ore. — Say goodbye to typical snacks like nachos and ice cream at local community rec centers. Places like Amazon Pool are going healthy.

The Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth (LCHAY) is partnering with the City of Eugene to help bring nutritious snacks to community centers because of the increase in obesity among children.

LCAY says 5,000 kids are served by local rec programs, which don’t offer healthy food choices. Organizers say Amazon Pool is the testing ground for the new menu.

“They’re really showing leadership in terms of seeking out a food vendor who would meet certain standards for offering more healthy products. Now they haven’t completely eliminated what we would call junk food at the sites, you know there’s a transition that needs to happen,” said Claire Syrett, LCHAY Executive Director.

LCHAY says soda machines are also being taken out as part of the plan to keep kids healthy.

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