Heating Bills on the Rise

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EUGENE, Ore. — Lower temperatures in the Willamette Valley mean higher heating bills. Wednesday marks the tenth day it’s been freezing overnight.

Emerald People’s Utility District says the average monthly consumption during winter, for an all-electric house, is about 18,000 kilowatt hours. That comes out to about $225 per month.

On Monday, Eugene saw overnight temperatures sip to -2 degrees. If you have a 1,600 square foot home and want to keep the temperature inside at 65 degrees, it would cost about $10 each hour.

“Every degree temperatures drop, your heating system, whether it’s an electric furnace or a fireplace, is going to work about 3 percent harder,” says EPUD Energy Services Coordinator Rob Currier.

EPUD also mentions a large cost is warm air escaping your home. EPUD says using a space heater is usually more expensive but may be a good option in a small space.

The best money saving tip is weatherizing your home to minimize heat loss and save energy.

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  1. CG says:

    I don’t think the cost of $10 an hour is accurate, maybe $10/day instead? if it were that high it would cost $240 per day which cannot be right.

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