Heat Wave Boosts Local Business

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EUGENE, Ore. — It’s about to get hot and air conditioning companies in Lane County are expecting to see business sizzle over the next few days.

They say they’re already getting calls to install cooling systems and the heatwave sends people in droves to the stores to find anything that can cool themselves off.

We spoke with Priority One Heating and Cooling Systems representatives Thursday.

They say next week they expect to be working around the clock with full staffing and they’re already ahead of schedule for orders and sales typically double starting in July and August.

The owner says they’re prepared for the next few days.

“It can be a feast or famine type business over the next few days we’ll be running seven days a week. We’ll be running 12, 14 hours a days. You know when needed,” said Mark Milligan, Priority One Heating and Cooling owner.

He also mentioned that even though they’re getting more calls for air conditioning systems during this heatwave they do get calls for installation when the weather is in the 70s too.

He says that’s because we have milder temperatures than other parts of the country and when it gets hot, Oregonians aren’t as used to it.

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