Heavy Snow Moving In

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Melissa-Frey-500x500-250x250 Meteorologist Melissa Frey’s Forecast Discussion:

The snow is here! If you don’t have to leave the house, don’t…it’ll get much worse before getting better through this weekend.

The snow started falling early Thursday morning and will continue through the day. The hardest hit area in the valley so far is near Corvallis and Albany, although the entire southern Willamette Valley, Central Coast, Foothills and Cascades will be hit hard with snow today through Saturday.

The snow this morning is just the first sign of the first of three storms headed our way. We’ll continue to see snow showers off and on throughout the afternoon and temperatures will stay well below freezing. Eugene/Springfield should see 3-6″ of snow today and 1-3″ tonight. Corvallis and Albany will see an additional inch or two on top of this as will all of the hills throughout the S. Valley. The central coast will see 1-5″ but it will be rain in Coos County. Roseburg will see snow initially, but it should mix with rain this afternoon. Snow totals will be 1-2″ in the Umpqua Basin. The Cascade Passes will see 4-8″ today and 3-6″ tonight.

Storm #2 moves in Friday afternoon, keeping the snow going. This will also be mainly over the southern half of the state before moving north late in the day. This will deliver another 3+” of snow (minimum) even to the valley floor.

Storm #3 moves in Saturday. This storm does have significant moisture, but will also be much warmer. This means initially we’ll likely see another round of heavy snow before it switches to a combination of snow, freezing rain and/or sleet below 1,000′ by late Saturday/early Sunday. By Sunday afternoon this should be all rain.

Stay tuned to the Stormtracker 9 Weather team during this winter weather and we’ll continue to update the forecast throughout the day.

Stay safe and warm!

~Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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