Helicopter Crash Kills Pilot

DETROIT, Ore. — A helicopter crashed in Linn County Monday afternoon, killing the pilot.

The crash site was about two miles off Highway 22, near Detroit. The pilot, William Colantuono, of Florida, was the only person in the helicopter. Officials say he was flying logs from a site in Mill City.

A witness said the aircraft had just picked up a load of logs, when the logs fell to the ground with a loud snap. The rotor separated from the helicopter and then fell to the ground.

A witness said it appeared the pilot had released the logs electronically, indicating the pilot knew of a problem prior to the crash.

The crash is under investigation.

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  1. John Larson says:

    Thoughts go out to the Aviator. I flew Hueys 6 years and use to watch them dance in the sky with those logs below. I thought it was a tid bit loony to do that. Not his fault the rotor separated from the helicopter. At least no one wrote he died what he loved doing, I despise that. He died because his bird called it quits.

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