Helping Pets Through the Thunder

thunder dogEUGENE, Ore. — Many woke up to the sound of thunder shaking their windows and homes Sunday morning, but it wasn’t just people who were startled by the noise.

The Greenhill Humane Society says the rules involving pets and thunder are pretty similar to those regarding fireworks, and pet owners should be well-prepared.

Sasha Elliott with Greenhill says pet owners should create a calm environment in the house by shutting all windows, putting on soothing music, and giving your pets a small space where they can de-stress.

Elliott says signs your pets are stressed or anxious include overly chewing on things or running, but she says every pet can be different.

“Know their behavior. Know their tendencies and if you do think that they are sensitive to loud noises and have the ability to anticipate something like a thunderstorm coming through today, make sure that you take all the proper precautions,” said Elliot.

If you keep your pets outside, she recommends having a collar and microchip in case they run away.

Elliott says most people’s first reaction is to cuddle the animal but she recommends not doing that because it can reinforce their anxiety. So, she says to create a calm environment for the pets to unwind is the best idea.

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  1. Mitalene says:

    Just curious how those “thunder wrap” type jackets are for the dogs. If ya’ll think they do any good for the dogs? I’m thinking about trying to make one for both of my dogs if I can get a general consensus of opinion that they help.

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