Helping ShelterCare Residents Garden

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Volunteers from the Eugene Hilton teamed up with ShelterCare Saturday morning to help build garden beds for those in need.

The group began work Saturday┬ámorning outside ShelterCare’s Afiya Apartments.

The Afiya Program serves low-income indviduals with psychiatric disabilities at high risk of homelessness.

ShelterCare leaders say this project gives the residents a chance to get outdoors.

“The stigma about mental illness is that people want to stay inside, they don’t want to interact this is going to help people come outside get into the sunlight be able to nurture something you know a plant of something,” said Tom Weaver, ShelterCare Facilities Manager.

Weaver says ShelterCare reaches out to the community in a variety of ways on a weekly basis.

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