High Obesity Rates in Lane County

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EUGENE, Ore. — 60 percent of people in Lane County are obese or overweight.
That’s according to new numbers from Lane County Public Health.
Lane County Public Health says the numbers aren’t as surprising as you might think, even in a county that is known for being active and having access to fresh produce, there are a number of communities that don’t have that privilege.
Roughly 212,000 people in Lane County are obese or overweight.
That’s roughly 6 in 10 people.
To be considered obese it means your body mass index (BMI) is at least 30 percent or higher.
The county’s epidemiologist says there are a number of factors that contribute to the high numbers.
“We’d like to think it’s as simple as just eating the wrong foods or not being as active as we might like to be. But it’s really, I mean it’s much more to that. I mean part of it’s just the way foods are marketed, the availability of foods, the types of foods that people have access to,” said Brian Johnson, Lane County Epidemiologist.
Johnson says there’s high rates in Junction City but it’s not limited to one city.

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