High School Hosts Mock DUII Crash

EUGENE, Ore. — Every 15 minutes someone is killed in the U.S. in an alcohol-related crash.

On Tuesday, students at North Eugene High School got a very graphic look at what those crashes do to people.

Students, along with police fire and emergency medical responders took part in recreating the horror, pain, and loss caused by drunk driving during a mock crash scene in the parking lot.

Organizers say showing students a mock crash is very a sobering way to get a point across.

“It’s a very successful program, and it’s also very rewarding for everyone involved because it does have such a long lasting effect and impact on everyone involved,” said David Silano, Lane County Deputy Sheriff.

“It gives me a little more perspective on it, and what it’d be like and it seems kind of traumatizing for those people,” said junior Caleb Bashor.

There will be an assembly Wednesday to talk about the dangers of drunk driving. It starts at 9 a.m. in the North Eugene High School gym and is open to the public.

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