Crash Temporarily Shuts Down Highway 126

UPDATE: Oregon State Police released the names of the two people injured in the crash. The driver was 25-year-old Todd P. Walker of Parkdale, Oregon. His passenger was 23-year-old Jennifer M. Kelley of Camas, Washington. Walker was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Kelley was also taken to a nearby hospital. He condition is unknown. Police are continuing the investigation. (11:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 5)

EUGENE, Ore. —  A crash shut down Highway 126 Tuesday, and left two people in serious condition.

The accident was about two miles west of the Beltline. The crash was several hundred feet off the highway, hidden in a tree.

Emergency crews worked for more than an hour to pull the driver from the wreck. He was flown to Sacred Heart at RiverBend.

A driver witnessed the crash. She stopped and ran a half mile to where the car hit the tree.

“Oh it was horrible, it was awful,” said Veneta resident Jennifer Normine. “I panicked because nobody would stop. I run up to the bushes to him, he’s not responding, nobody’s stopping. I’m screaming for somebody to stop in the middle of the road and finally the gentleman stops.”

Crews have yet to explain what may have caused the crash.

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