Highway 126 Opens, Easing Travel Plans

WALTON, Ore. — ODOT crews were able to clear Highway 126 on both sides for this Saturday travel day, but signs indicate that drivers should still be careful as this is an active slide area.”

It took crews all night, but right around 11 p-m on Friday, ODOT had cleared the landslide debris off the road just enough to open Highway 126 to traffic, pleasing the hundreds of holiday travelers using this highway to and from the coast on Saturday. Many of them relying on this route to get them to their family and friends, when so many other routes prove impassable, like I-5 on the way to California.

“We’ve been looking at the other routes to the coast and all of them have snow on them, so as the landslide began to clear up this became our first choice,” said one commuter traveling to California from Portland.

“I’m coming from very very northern Canada, and I live in minus 35 and snow all the time, but they still won’t let me through so I have to go around,” said another commuter driving from Canada.

For some not being able to use the interstate has added full days to their travel plans, but having 126 open has been a blessing in itself, even if only a minor one.

These storms seem to have complicated travel for just about everyone, whether on I-5 or 126, but if those planning to be on the road at all this weekend, should check www.tripcheck.com for the most up-to-date information on the Oregon roads.

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