Hiker Rescued By Lowell Fire Dist.

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LOWELL, Ore. — A 57-year-old Eugene woman was recovering Monday, after she was rescued Sunday morning at the Fall Creek Reservoir. The women slipped while hiking and was badly hurt during her fall. Unable to walk, she was stranded until a rescue crew responded.

The Lowell Rural Fire Protection District says it took about three hours to complete the mission because of where the patient was located. Getting to her and bringing her to safety wasn’t easy; but in the end, the mission was accomplished.

“It was quite an extensive operation for the crew that we had,” said Mike Cook, Lowell Rural Fire Protection District Training Officer.

Volunteers, bystanders and a rescue crew from the Lowell Fire District came together to help rescue the injured hiker.

“We had to ensure that were safe as far as the steep cliffs. The trail goes along the edge of the river on the south side and at some point we had 40 foot drop offs that we had to be very, very cautious to be secure and to get our equipment in and to get our patient back out,” Cook said.

Cook says bystanders helped carry the crew’s equipment the whole way. The trail to get to the injured woman was nearly a two mile hike on rough terrains.

“Considering our response time and the distance it took to extricate the patient, we were really worried about her condition,” Cook said.

Cook says once they got there, the woman was doing very well.

Lowell Fire District Fire Chief Keith Hoehn says for future hikers, please take safety precautions.

“Have a hiking plan. Let others know what that plan is — your expected time of departure and expected time to be back based on the trail and the distance you’re traveling,” Chief Hoehn said.

Chief Hoehn also says to never forget a first aid kit, plenty of water and to not hike alone because cell phone service doesn’t reach many trails.

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