Hilton Begins Million Dollar Makeover

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EUGENE, Ore. — A multi-million dollar renovation project is set to get under way at a downtown hotel.

The Hilton Eugene and Conference Center on Sixth Avenue will get a $5 million makeover. Managers at the Hilton and city planners say this isn’t just an investment in the luxury hotel, but the neighboring businesses too.

The hotel completed major renovations in 2008, but this time it’ll be a little bit different.

“This time we’ll come into the public space, we’ll get the main lobby and guest corridors,” said Jody Hall, Hilton General Manager.

They’ll also come into every one of its 269 rooms.

“I think it ties into downtown being revitalized and the hotel will be reignited again as well,” Hall said.

While the changes will be made to the hotel itself, the city thinks the impact could be much greater.

“That means a million dollar investment in the core of our community, but it also means improving the Hilton, which is for many visitors in this town the gateway into downtown,” said Nan Laurence, Eugene Sr. Planner.

The city is working to redevelop the entire area. Over the past year, a slew of new businesses set up shop in hopes of rebuilding downtown’s image.

City planners say the Hilton’s renovations will add to all that.

“All of the activities going on downtown, right down Willamette Street, some of which you see going on right behind me, supports the Hilton and in turn supports downtown,” Laurence said.

It’s a circle of support they say is vital to revitalize the city center.

“It’s a really exciting thing to watch all the old come out and as you work down the tower, it’s like a refresh working its way down,” said Hall.

A refresh of both the city and hotel, will work its way downtown to the true heart of Eugene.

The project should be finished this fall. The hotel also plans to update its restaurant and conference center in 2014.

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  1. Greg says:

    Let’s see if I’m very close on this, didn’t the CITY OF EUGENE actually build the 12 story tower about the same time as the Hult theater during an urban renewal project? The third manager so far, Davidson Hotels of Memphis, rents the Hilton name from an investment (?) company that has purchased the Hilton name from the Hilton family, because of indebtedness.

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