Hip Hop Helps Kids Fight Obesity

(CNN) — Hip hop is helping school kids fight obesity. A program called Hip Hop Public Health is showing school children music videos that make it cool to be healthy.

“I see music as the bridge between health education and the streets,” said Dr. Olajide Williams, NY-Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center.

It’s the brain child of neurologist Olajide Williams who partnered with rapper Doug E. Fresh and others to use music as the tool to teach kids about healthy eating and exercise.

“If we can you know send a message and make it fun…this can be like a party with a purpose,” said rap artist Doug E. Fresh.

Studies by Williams and his colleagues show that the program is making a difference, at least in the short term.

Immediately after children watched videos about counting calories, Dr. Williams says they were buying more healthy items.

Now Hip Hop Public Health is going national with an album and music videos produced in conjunction with Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America. It includes more genres, more songs, and it will be distributed along with a curriculum to schools nationwide, using music to make being healthy cool.

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