Historic Barn Makes a Big Move

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EUGENE, Ore. — A historic barn with furry roots was planted in its new home today. Close to a hundred people came out for the homecoming of the newly named “Borden/ Bass Big Red Barn”. It took more than five hours in two separate trips, trekking across a field and bringing down power lines. Beth Timmons has only lived in Tangent for a year, but she knows the city’s rich history well. She has spent that year trying to preserve a more than 40-feet tall piece of it. The former “John Bass Barn” is slightly famous, after a meowing heirloom took to the property when Bass passed, his “Kitty Cat”. The property was passed on to the city after ten years of Kitty Cat’s ownership. About a year after Timmons had her heart set on acquiring the barn, today she got her wish. Less than a mile away in a brand new home sits the big red barn, right on her property. The move allowed her to get to know her neighbors, who have thrown their support behind her. Local farmers paved the way for the barn to roll through their properties and Comcast disabled power lines for free.

“I got to actually walk under the barn for the last leg, and when I was in the truck and we crossed Tangent Drive, suddeny I had a big smile and I said okay, this is real, and it’s really happened,” said Timmons.

Timmons hopes to turn the barn into a community center that will pay homage to Tangent’s history, recognizing its homesteaders of the 1800’s and more. The next step for the barn is laying down the foundation so that the restoration process can begin.

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