Historic House on the Move

EUGENE, Ore. — Packing and moving can be challenging, but what if you could move your entire house? Well that’s what happened Sunday morning in Springfield.

A group of people in Eugene have made it their mission to recycle historic houses like the one they moved Sunday, built in the 1920s. They find old houses that are scheduled for demolition and lift them out of the ground, and onto an empty lot.

The house was built in Springfield, on a lot where a new hotel is going in. Sunday it was moved to 4th and D Street, where it’ll stay.

Anson Berg and two other owners say there are many homes like this one, worth saving.

“We all three believe strongly in the recycling, restoration aspects of house moving,” says Berg. “That it’s a really good thing environmentally, ecologically, to save historic buildings.”

Berg added that there are a lot of places where putting in an old house makes more sense than building a new one.

“You take a neighborhood like this, the Washburne Historic District, and does anybody really want to see modern styles here? It really doesn’t fit. So, these older houses do fit,” says Berg.

Berg says he’s been a part of nearly 3 dozen home moves, and he even moved an old church once.

So far, they’ve only moved the second story of the house. Now that it’s in place, contractors will take over and build a whole new ground level. Berg says they’re already looking for potential buyers.


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