History of Stephanie Condon’s Disappearance

March 25, 2009

By Heather Hintze

EUGENE, Ore. —  After a decade of investigation, police are one step closer to finding out what happened to Stephanie Condon.

Authorities say she disappeared October 30, 1998 from a Myrtle Creek home where she was babysitting.  Her backpack and shoes were still in the home, and the TV was on.  Police suspected foul play.

In February 1999, the only suspect in the case, 28-year-old Dale Hill, was sent to jail for six months on an unrelated burglary charge.  Hill remains a person of interest in the Condon case, but has never been charge.

Dale Hill was released on parole in 2004.

October 2008 marked the 10-year anniversary of Stephanie’s disappearance.

On March 13, 2009 — Friday the 13th — a Glide resident found human remains near a logging road, 35 miles from where she went missing.

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