H&M May Replace Oakway Borders Spot

EUGENE, Ore. — Borders closed its doors nearly a year ago and there have been a lot of rumors about what will take its place. The latest involves a popular retailer.

H&M may be considering calling the empty storefront at the Oakway Center home.

The owners of the property did not want to comment on the rumors, but local shoppers were happy to weigh in on the speculation.

“When they shut [Borders] down, it was just this big empty space in the middle of this prominent, populated shopping center and it just seemed a little odd,” said Cynthia Bartram.

Many University of Oregon students who lost a study spot lit up when they heard rumblings about H&M taking Borders’ place.

“Oohh, that would be exciting. That would be great. I definitely know a lot of people who drive all the way up to Portland just to shop at H&M,” said Caroline Lauka.

“I think H&M has a lot of different types of clothing that’s really affordable, and I know my younger sister would be thrilled if that happened,” said Anastasia Strgar.

The store would bring in some men too.

“I pretty much only shop at Pac Sun and H&M and I can only go to Portland for H&M, so I guess that aspect is of it is good,” said Will Dewald.

“I have a lot of H&M clothes, so that’s fantastic for me. They’ve got a wide range of men’s assorted clothing,” said Aaron Loghry.

But some shoppers haven’t heard of the store and others aren’t fans of the chain.

“Maybe something more local would be cool instead of something huge like that. We already have tons of that,” said Natalie Goldstein.

All in all, though, most people just want the big empty space filled.

“I think that because this is a big college town, it could draw in a lot of the college business and that could help to spur the economy growth,” said Denise Tapfer.

Property owners didn’t want to comment and jeopardize any possible deals. They told KEZI they’ve been continually working to bring in a business that would fit in with those around it. KEZI did put in a call to H&M’s corporate expansion department but have not heard back.


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  1. Deborah Cooke says:

    Yes! I love H&M and I know many people who do. This would be a home run for Oakway. Bring them in, please! I’m tired of driving to Portland to shop!

  2. King Duck says:

    yes please! i moved to Portland bcus they have better stores like H and M. Eugene needs that, it’s too big not to have one.

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