Holiday Shopping Rebounds After Snow

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EUGENE, Ore. — Stores are rebounding after last week’s snowstorm, as people head out to do their last-minute shopping for the holidays.

“Some people still think this is a Monday and tomorrow’s a Tuesday and it will get busier as the week goes on. This is just the Monday before Christmas,” said Diana Bray, VRC Marketing Manager.

Bray says every day is a busy shopping day around the holidays, but the mall looked a lot different last week.

“It was a rough haul with the snow days as you can imagine. You know as I shared before it was tough to make goals with that type of weather and those challenges from a safety standpoint,” Bray said.

But retailers are bouncing back.

“It’s been steady, people are coming out. They were like cooped up at home and now they’re out in full force,” said Tracy Adams, The Duck Store Manager.

Adams says a lot of fans aren’t just shopping for the holidays. They’re getting geared up the big bowl game.

“We don’t have unhappy fans. We have excited, spirited, excited fans,” Adams said.

The most popular Duck Store items flying off the shelves are their jackets, which Bray says makes sense, especially for fans who have an Alamo Bowl win on their Christmas wish list.

“Apparel, I think, is always a big seller just because it’s practical and people like new things. Certainly, when the weather changes like this, you think about, ‘Oh, I really could use a new coat or a new sweater,'” Bray said.

Bray says they won’t have exact sales numbers until the end of the season.

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