Holiday Travelers Welcomed at Airport

EUGENE, Ore. — On Christmas Eve at the airport, the depart is the easy part.  The hard part is all the possible scenarios between take-off and landing that could threaten happy holiday arrivals.

“In San Francisco, his flight got cancelled so he had to spend the night,” said one traveler’s mom.

“We actually flew to San Francisco and got stuck on the tarmac,” said another traveler.

We’ve all been there, glaring at our watches, plotting the fastest escape, praying somehow we’ll make our connection. The odds aren’t usually in our favor, but for some, there was just enough Christmas magic today to make it all happen.

“Fortunately, we got off, came up our gate, went out, and they had held the plane for us, and we got here just in time,” said a traveler.

Just in time for hugs and kisses, for a familiar face, for a long-awaited “I love you”, all worth the security lines and the through-the-roof airfare to be with the ones you love.

“It’s a really good Christmas present,” said one family member.

“It’s very family oriented this time of year,” said one parent.

“Ya it’s all about family coming together. It’s wonderful,” said another parent.

A wonderful gift, and often the best gift, is just to be together. Even if it means missed connections or middle seats, traffic or ticket troubles, long layovers or late landings, this makes it all worth it.

“I just hope all these weary travelers just get where they hope to be for the holidays. Safely,” said one traveler.

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