Home and Garden Show Moves In

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EUGENE, Ore. — This weekend marks the 34th annual Lane County Home and Garden Show.

If you’re interested in improving your home or finding a good contractor, this weekend’s the perfect opportunity.

The Home and Garden Show provides a boost not just for homeowners but for the local economy as well.

Marci Luehring and her colleagues at Ferguson Enterprises will spend two days of tough work setting up their exhibit for this weekend’s show, but it’s worth it. For local vendors, the show provides a big boost for their customer base.

“The last one we did. We had a ton of walk in traffic afterwards, as well, we were so busy,” Luehring said.

The show gives homeowners a chance to improve their living space, and Lane County the chance to improve the economy.

“That’s new dollars into our community, so it’s a huge source of revenue to the contractors that participate in our show,” said Karen Ramus, the show’s producer.

This year’s show will feature 300 exhibitors as well as 45 seminars on home improvement. For those who want help from the pros, there are plenty to go around this weekend.

“The show’s just a great place to find a contractor, to talk to people, see if you trust them, if they work the way you want them to work,” Ramus said.

It’s also a chance for homeowners to find some of the latest products in home furnishings.

“The 300 exhibitors we have at the show this week plan their exhibits for many months. They go to national trade shows to get the latest products for their exhibits, and then they bring them into the show,” Ramus said.

It’s a big weekend for vendors, and organizers say it gives websites like Angie’s List a run for its money.

“We call it the original social media, where you can meet face to face and connect with people in an intimate way before you bring them into your home and yard,” Ramus said.

The show starts this Thursday night at 5 p.m. Admission is free, but the organizers do ask that you bring some canned food to donate instead.


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