Home for the Holidays Helps Family

EUGENE, Ore. — A family got some much-needed financial help thanks to the Home for the Holidays program.

Candace Lowrey, Jose Garcia and their baby daughter recently moved to Oregon from New Jersey and are getting a little help to put a roof over their heads.

The Home for the Holidays program launched seven years ago. Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy adopted it in 2012 to help raise $40,000 for 40 families.

Enough donations came in to help 78 families, so Piercy set the same goal for this year. Garcia and Lowrey were able to pay for half of the deposit on an apartment.

“In Jersey, it’s kind of hard to start from the bottom, because everything is a lot more expensive up there and there’s so many people up there fighting for jobs and resources and all the that,” Garcia and Lowrey said.

This year, people have donated about $26,000, so they’re more than half way there.

If you would like to donate before the end of the year, click here for more information.

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