Homeless Advocate Ends Hunger Strike

EUGENE, Ore. — Sunday was the first day in two months that a SLEEPS protest member allowed himself a bite to eat.

During the past sixty days, Eugene resident Conrad Barney did not eat any solid foods and instead got his nutrients from drinking different types of juices. He says he did this hunger strike to bring awareness to the many people who do not have food or shelter in the area.

“Here we have very compassionate citizens and the material is plentiful, so shelter is the concern, and that’s what the community needs to come together to solve,” Barney said.

Although he lost 45 pounds, he says he thinks the fast was effective in spreading his message.

SLEEPS is a homeless rights activist group in Eugene.

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  1. Valerie Goodness says:

    Mr. Barney exemplifies the compassion and dedication to his fellow Eugenians that I wish I could see in more. Many blessings and thank you for everything you do. Continue to walk in peace and beauty….Thank you

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