Homeless Campers Unhappy With Rest Stops

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene approved a motion to open the first homeless rest stop at Roosevelt and Garfield. But many homeless campers near downtown said this rest stop opening is causing problems for many homeless people in the area.

Tzedakah Bat Eliyah has been camping at the corner of Broadway and Hilyard for nearly two months along with around 40 other homeless campers. “I arrived here at the Whoville site in early October around the 4th or 5th. It had been established for about a week when I came along,” said Eliyah.

But their time at the site they call Whoville could soon be coming to an end. “Camping prohibited signs both went up the day before Thanksgiving,” said Eliyah.

These signs went up the same day the city of Eugene approved a motion to open the first homeless rest stop at the corner of Roosevelt and Garfield later in December. But Whoville campers said this site has a 15 person capacity and isn’t open to everyone.

“Doesn’t help anybody here. They want to use it for the marrieds and veterans and so I say to them well if that’s what they’re going to do and if the police do rouse us from here where do they expect all these people are going to go? They can expect downtown in the doorways again,” said Eliyah.

On top of potential eviction from their current campsite, SLEEPS protesters said they’re also battling the cold. While they could go to local warming centers, many don’t because they said they’d have to get rid of all of their property in exchange for a warm place to sleep.

“The unhoused have an ongoing problem. It’s not seasonal, it’s not always economical. A lot of it has to do with the standards required to get into housing. People are required to have two and three times the amount of income as the rent and these things are not always possible,” said Eliyah.


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  1. Paul says:

    Why is it these people think they are intitled to the property that they are currently on? this is not theirs, not short term or long term..there is a forest full of space, go seek something there?
    If I were to become homless I would use my time to figure out a long term solution, not look to the city to do it for me at the cost of the people that live and work here.
    The SLEEP thing..ok, fine set up your tent sleep, then pack up and leave! that is what the protest is for? not for the city to give free land for you to live on.

  2. Thumper392 says:

    They obviously think they deserve a couple floors of the Hilton on the city’s (our tax dollars) dime. I’m sure Kitty will work on it. Instead of listening to the whining, why doesn’t the reporter find out why the poor people do not want to work? (Or who or what they are hiding from.) Even the hobos of yore were smart enough to catch a freight to warmer climes in the winter.

  3. Ruben Botello says:

    How typical, wolves in sheep clothing being bad, while pretending to be good.

  4. Eddie says:

    I pray that none of you commenters are ever faced with homelessness. Your lack of compassion is beyond shameful. Your ignorance of poverty is disgusting.
    Oh I know so much easier if you can’t see the untouchables in society. Too bad that is not the reality for many with no where to go. Why aren’t you asking them why no work?

  5. Ana says:

    I don’t have a lack of compassion, I have a lack of tolerance for dangerous, drunk, drug addicts occupying the areas of town that we pay taxes on for public use. If you’re so compassionate… why don’t YOU offer YOUR home to them? As a struggling single mom who has had to work my butt off to keep a roof over mine and my sons head… I have no sympathy for their sense of entitlement to these public lands. I’ll continue to donate to our local shelters, and volunteer at food for lane county, but I will not feel bad for desiring our rights as community members to keep our town nice, and, more importantly, safe!

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