Homeless Student Report Released

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — A new report says Lane County had some of the highest populations of homeless school students in the state last year.

Most of them attended the county’s three largest school districts.

Springfield’s homeless student population was at 4.85 percent.

4J reported 4.19 percent of its student population homeless and Bethel was at 5.48 percent.

“As long as our families are still struggling and there’s still not enough affordable housing, the cycle will not end, it will continue,” said Janet Beckman, Springfield Homeless Liason.

The numbers reported reflect students who were without a permanent overnight living situation at any point during the 2011-2012 school year.


Our previous percentages were calculated incorrectly, the correct numbers are as follows:
Springfield School District was at 4.85 percent. 4J was 4.19 percent. Bethel was at 5.48 percent.

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