Homeless to Working

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EUGENE, Ore. — The newest job connection location is proving to be a success–and it’s only been open for a day.

Goodwill partnered with the Eugene Mission to give people an opportunity for job preparation and placement.

The site offers free computer, Internet and phone use, as well as one-on-one help with job applications, resumes and interviewing skills.

It’s already a success story from the partnership between Goodwill and the Eugene Mission.

Click on the video above to see the story about a Eugene man who used to be homeless but is now working and paying rent


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  1. Postone says:

    That’s wonderful!

    But this is typical of private institutions and private individuals helping other human beings who are at their lowest! This is the norm for them. What about the powers that be in Eugene? What are they doing? NOT MUCH!

    Why isn’t the Mayor, the City Counsel and the county doing their part? How come this isn’t a priority for them? How come they don’t care?

    I don’t want to hear we helped 70 families, or we did this or we did that. I want to see them help their fellow human beings get housed….. ALL OF THEM! And right now!

    It’s been long enough, the problem, or the numbers continue to grow? When is the right time Mayor?

    Homelessness (especially children, and Veterans) should not be, PERIOD! What is more important than to fix, than human suffering? A retrofitted or new City Hall? The egos of those in power? More money (Raises) for those in power?

    Nothing is more important or ever will be!!!!

    Their is a law in Eugene that I just found out about, that says those homeless who are fortunate enough to have a vehicle or camper, or travel trailer cannot use these vehicles on any public streets or property; and risk getting a $275 ticket if caught doing so for a first offense! The second offense is $500 and the police can confiscate their vehicles!

    Who in their right mind (and what kind of people) would create a law or enforce a law like this?

    “The city of Eugene and the Eugene Police department!”

    Wonderful government and city officials we have working for the people of Eugene. Or maybe they only work for those who have homes or a place to stay? It would seem so….

    1. Hardworker says:

      How about if the homeless population were to try to help themselves and I don’t mean help themselves to my belongings.

      I make a choice to work every day so that I can provide for my family and it should be my choice, or yours as to how you choose to spend your money.

      Personally, I have no patience or tolerance for the laziness of the homeless or their inability to follow rules that would allow them to have a home. There are ample resources out there for those that want them.

      1. Postone says:

        “Most” of the people who are homeless in missions across this country are alcoholics, or drug addicts. Some may be lazy. But that is the exception not the rule. True enough some are able to pull themselves up. But far more aren’t. Instead of mass incarceration we should be spending that money (far less money than incarcerating people) for treatment. We should be helping others, not just saying you made a choice, it was the wrong one so now you are screwed and no one will help you.

        Everyone on this planet aren’t all like you, who have a choice as you say. It isn’t that cut and dry.

        Compassion for the suffering of others comes to mind…

  2. Valerie Goodness says:

    Excuse me Hardworker, Did you read the article? How about posting a police report proving the homeless has ever taken anything from you, or statistics on local thefts and their relation to the homeless. Hardworker, your post was written at 1:45pm..Hmmmm working hard are ya? I would gander that many of the homeless have a better reputation of being a hard worker than you, while you have proven yourself to be lazier than most of the homeless who by the way are mostly children and single Moms fleeing abuse….You are really looking like an ass right about now

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